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Getting and keeping top talent - 18 June 2007 9:13:34 AM

“Names like Petronas, Sime Darby, CIMB, AirAsia, YTL and many others, including small and medium enterprises, serve to reinforce our selfbelief, that we can be global players if we set our hearts to it,” prime minister's said. [more...]

Interim dividends to reward YTL Corp, YTL Power and YTL Cement shareholders - 24 May 2007 6:15:15 PM

YTL Corp Declares 3rd Interim Dividend of 15%
YTL Power Declares 2nd Tax-Exempt Interim Dividend of 7.5%
YTL Cement Declares 1st Interim Dividend of 10% [more...]

YTL Corp wins top CSR award - 3 May 2007 5:26:21 PM

"I am pleased to accept this award today on behalf of an organisation that I am certainly proud to be part of. At YTL, I am humbled and blessed to work with colleagues who have great leadership, moral and spiritual integrity and I would like to thank each and everyone for their support, especially my colleagues Say Keng and Liza, who worked with me on much of the reporting and CSR initiatives. I thank my Lord Jesus for His wisdom and blessings each day," said Yeoh Pei Cheen. [more...]

YTL Corp launches Starhill Gallery in Dubai - 16 April 2007 4:00:20 PM

"Although Dubai is known for its super mega shopping malls, we're confident that Starhill Gallery will create a mark for itself with its distinctive design, architecture and the unique shopping experience it will offer. I'm glad that ETA Star has chosen Starhill Gallery as a differentiator against the other malls in Dubai," said YTL Corp chief, Tan Sri (Dr) Francis Yeoh. [more...]

JP Morgan: YTL Corp - A rich reawakening - 'overweight', target price RM9.20
JP Morgan: Why we like YTL in 90 seconds,
click here - 14 April 2007 2:26:51 PM

JP Morgan has an Overweight recommendation on YTL, with a Price Target of M$9.20. "We believe YTL is at the start of another earnings cycle following a period of consolidation and M&A. The risk-reward scenario for YTL looks compelling. It is one of our large cap top picks in Malaysia right now," says the report. [more...]

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