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YTL Cement acquisition of Perak-Hanjoong Simen gets MITI go-ahead - 7 October 2004 5:31:07 PM

The proposed acquisition by YTL Cement Berhad of 107,500,000 ordinary shares of RM1.00 each representing 32.10% equity interest in Perak-Hanjoong Simen Sdn Bhd from Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction Co. Ltd. for a cash consideration of RM75,250,000 ("Proposed Acquisition") has been approved by the Ministry of International Trade and Industry. [more...]

HR Development award for YTL Power Services - 24 September 2004 11:27:30 AM

The human resource development and training programmes of YTL Power Services Sdn Bhd, the Operation and Maintenance company for YTLís two Malaysian power plants, recently received national recognition. The company won the Human Resources Development Corporation Award in the Services sector of the Small and Medium Business category. [more...]

Developing global cities: The road map to 'hub' status - 23 September 2004 2:13:41 PM

YTL group managing director Tan Sri (Dr) Francis Yeoh spoke at the Forbes Global CEO Conference in Hong Kong: "It is not all Tower of Babel though, a city also stands for progress in human endeavour in commerce, arts and culture and all good things, material and spiritual, that brings comfort and joy to our daily lives. It is therefore timely to discuss the fate of future cities in Asia as potential global hubs." [more...]

YTL Corporation Berhad, a Vision of the Future - 12 September 2004 5:58:40 PM

YTL is one of Malaysia's biggest and most respected companies. Tan Sri Francis Yeoh Sock Ping, YTL's Managing Director and one of the most respected and powerful businessmen in the country today, is as closely scrutinised as an entertainment celebrity for any clues as to his next move. [more...]

YTL Corp records 100% surge in net profit to RM713 million (US$188 million) - 26 August 2004 5:21:23 PM

YTL Corp Records 100% Surge in Net Profit to RM713 Million (USD188 Million)
YTL Power Records 37% Growth in Net Profit to RM613 Million (USD161 Million)
YTL Cement Records 26% Growth in Net Profit to RM85 Million (USD22 Million)
YTL Land Records 48% Growth in Net Profit to RM31 Million (USD8 Million)
YTL e-Solutions Registers 13% Drop in Net Profit to RM7 Million (USD2 Million) [more...]

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