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SC approves amendments to
YTL POWER INTERNATIONAL BERHAD 2000/2010 WARRANTS - 15 April 2004 6:15:33 PM

YTL Corporation Berhad (YTL Corp) and YTL Power International Berhad (YTL Power) announced that the Securities Commission has approved the proposed amendments to the terms of YTL Corp's Deed Poll dated 31 July 1999 constituting its 1999/2009 Warrants, and YTL Power's Deed Poll dated 13 March 2000 constituting its 2000/2010 Warrants. This amendment will entitle warrant holders who exercise their warrants on or before the Record Date for entitlement to dividends or distributions to be declared. This is an enhancement compared to previous terms where warrant holders can only be entitled to dividends or distributions if they exercised it on or before the financial year end of 30th June. [more...]

Proposed subdivision of shares to enhance liquidity and attractiveness of shares - 23 March 2004 5:01:19 PM

YTL Power International Bhd, YTL Cement Bhd, YTL Land & Development Bhd and YTL e-Solutions Bhd announced proposals for the sub-division their existing issued and paid up capital. As the Proposed Subdivisions will reduce the existing par value per share of the respective companies, this is expected to enhance the affordability and attractiveness of the shares to both existing and potential investors. [more...]

YTL Corp signs up with Jaguar Racing for Formula One - 17 March 2004 3:26:04 PM

YTL Corporation has signed as an associate partner and sponsor of the UK-based Jaguar Racing team and the name of YTL Corporation will be prominently displayed on the nose cone of each car. YTL now joins other prominent international names such as HSBC, DuPont, Pioneer and AT&T in supporting Jaguar, one of motor racing's most enduring names. [more...]

YTL Corp half-year profit jumps 46% to RM514 million (USD135 million) - 26 February 2004 5:13:23 PM

YTL Corporation Berhad Half-Year Profit Jumps 46% To RM514 Million (USD135 Million)
YTL Power International Berhad Half-Year Profit Increases 9% To RM430 Million (USD113 Million)
YTL Cement Berhad Half-Year Profit Jumps 32% To RM48.2 Million (USD12.7 Million)
YTL Land & Development Berhad Half-Year Profit Jumps 264% To RM12.4 Million (USD3.3 Million)
YTL E-Solutions Berhad Half-Year Profit Increases 10% To RM7.3 Million (USD1.9 Million)

Building an Empire of the Minds with Heart - 13 February 2004 2:03:11 AM

YTL Group managing director Tan Sri (Dr) Francis Yeoh returns to his alma mater Kingston to receive an Honorary Degree Doctor of Engineering. Speaking to the graduates at the Faculty of Technology graduation ceremony, he advises them: “We must not only harness the mind, we must also harness our hearts to re-engineer the world of man and bring it back to sanity and productive endeavour. Let us not suffer from spiritual amnesia. Let us build together a lasting world full of goodness, an everlasting Empire of the Minds with Heart.” He received a rousing ovation at the end of his speech. [more...]

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