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SC approves acquisition of 50% stake in Pahang Cement by YTL Cement - 20 January 2004 5:05:08 PM

YTL Cement Berhad announced that the Securities Commission has approved the proposed acquisition by YTL Cement of the remaining 50% stake in Pahang Cement Sdn Bhd not already owned by YTL Cement. The acquisition of the remaining 50% stake in Pahang Cement is expected to generate opportunities for the YTL Cement Group to further enhance its future earnings through the consolidation of revenue and earnings of Pahang Cement as a wholly-owned subsidiary. [more...]

YTL Corp and YTL Power in Review 200: Asia’s Leading Companies - 19 December 2003 11:48:50 AM

In this year's Review 200: Asia's Leading Companies by Far Eastern Economic Review (FEER), both YTL Corporation and YTL Power International have been hailed among the top leading companies of Malaysia: “Two of tycoon Francis Yeoh's companies, YTL Corp. and YTL Power, make it to six and seventh place. In just two years, Yeoh has transformed his utility companies from local businesses into global operators with acquisitions in England and Australia”. [more...]

YTL Cement Berhad 1994/2004 Warrants & YTL Corporation Berhad 1997/2007 Warrants Revision To Dividend Entitlement - 22 November 2003 1:43:05 PM

In light of discussions with the Kuala Lumpur Stock Exchange (“KLSE”), both YTL Corporation Berhad (“YTL Corp”) and YTL Cement Berhad (“YTL Cement”) have amended the effective date of the amendment to the terms of their respective 1997/2007 Warrants and 1994/2004 Warrants, which was announced yesterday, to 19 December 2003. [more...]

YTL Corp's Q1 Results - 20 November 2003 5:10:42 PM

YTL Corporation Berhad First Quarter Profit Jumps 61% To RM374 Million (USD98.41 Million)
YTL Power International Berhad First Quarter Profits Increased By 6% To RM213.5 Million (USD56.18 Million)
YTL Cement Berhad First Quarter Profit Jumps 50% To RM27 Million (USD7.1 Million)
YTL Land & Development Berhad First Quarter Profit Increased By 22% To RM2.49 Million (USD0.66 Million)
YTL E-Solutions Berhad Profit Before Taxation For First Quarter Increased By 12.8% To RM4 Million (USD1.05 Million) [more...]

YTL's Wessex Water Bonds three times oversubscribed - 20 October 2003 10:25:38 AM

YTL's UK regulated utilities asset, Wessex Water recently issued a 350 million bond that were oversubscribed by three times. As one of the largest independent power producers in Malaysia, YTL understands regulatory business well. The company's only ambition for Wessex is to deliver good returns on its investment and for Wessex to be regarded as the best run water company in the UK. [more...]

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