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YTL Corp Half-Year Revenue Grows 9% to RM3.4 Billion (US$930 Million)
Profit Down Slightly to RM854 Million (US$236 Million)
YTL Power Declares 7.5% Tax-Exempt Interim Dividend
YTL Cement Declares 7.5% Single Tier Interim Dividend - 19 February 2009 5:12:41 PM

YTL Group Managing Director Tan Sri Datoí (Dr) Francis Yeoh Sock Ping, CBE, FICE, said, "The Group had an active and productive half-year, embarking on two significant new acquisitions. In December 2008, we announced our proposed acquisition of a 100% stake in PowerSeraya Limited, which has 3100MW of licensed capacity, comprising about 25% of Singaporeís total licensed generation capacity. Together with its complementary multi-utility business and strong position in the Singaporean energy market, PowerSeraya will further broaden our utilities expertise and enable us to grow our utilitybusiness in the region. The Group also completed its acquisitions of approximately 26% of Singaporeís Starhill Global REIT and 50% of the holding company of the manager of the REIT during the quarter, and we can now look ahead to building up the Starhill Global brand and seeking yield accretive acquisitions of prime assets for the benefit of the REIT and its stakeholders.

"As reported last quarter, our utilities division has seen a decrease in earnings resulting from foreign currency translation differences this financial year, but profit from operations continues to grow, demonstrating the fundamental combined strength these businesses. Going forward, the further diversification of our income streams into the Singaporean power and REIT industries is well in line with our broader strategy, with the Groupís foreign operations continuing to provide the key drivers of growth. PowerSeraya will fully complement our existing portfolio of utility businesses in the UK, Australia and Indonesia, whilst our stake in Starhill Global REIT takes its place alongside the Groupís high-end real estate investments in Singapore. On the cement front, the division continued to perform extremely well, supported by increased overseas contributions. In addition to operations across Malaysia, the Group also owns stakes in cement businesses in China and Singapore." [more...]

YTL Corp Completes Acquisition of 26% of Macquarie Prime REIT & 50% of Prime REIT Management Holdings Pte Ltd - 31 December 2008 2:48:48 PM

YTL Corp's Managing Director, Tan Sri Dato' (Dr) Francis Yeoh Sock Ping, will assume appointment as Executive Chairman of the Manager. Tan Sri Dato' (Dr) Francis Yeoh Sock Ping said, "YTL Corp is pleased to be the new sponsor of Starhill Global REIT. The YTL Group's long-term vision and proven investment track record, coupled with Starhill Global REIT's high quality assets and strong underlying fundamentals, will allow us to draw on each other's strengths to realise greater synergies and create further value for unitholders. Our immediate focus lies in rebranding the REIT through the introduction of the 'Starhill' brand, in addition to enhancing the portfolio through yield accretive acquisitions of prime regional assets, prudent capital management and continued proactive asset management.

"We firmly believe that our combined network of close relationships with international retail principals and extensive industry domain knowledge will enable Starhill Global REIT to capitalise on acquisition opportunities, particularly in the current global economic climate. The YTL Group has redefined the landscape of Kuala Lumpur's specialised luxury retail niche market with the 'Starhill' brand, and we are committed to building 'Starhill' into a global brand and franchise through Starhill Global REIT." He added, "I want to thank our Lord Jesus for paving the way for the smooth closing of this historic transaction and His Blessings to bring Starhill Global REIT to greater heights. I give Him all the glory and all the honour". [more...]

YTL Corp 1st Quarter Profit Grows 30% to RM468 Million (US$130 Million)
YTL Power Declares 6% Gross & 3% Single Tier Interim Dividend
YTL Cement Declares 3% Gross & 7% Single Tier Interim Dividend - 20 November 2008 4:18:21 PM

Commenting on the quarterís results, YTL Group Managing Director Tan Sri Datoí (Dr) Francis Yeoh Sock Ping, CBE, FICE, said, "The Group achieved a strong start to the year, with our cement division achieving an excellent set of results. Our power division registered a decrease in earnings due principally to the provision for a one-off tax payment to the Government and foreign currency translation differences during the quarter but the divisionís operational performance remained strong and our utilities are expected to continue to perform well for the duration of the financial year.

"The Groupís latest venture in Singapore, the proposed acquisitions of 26% of Macquarie Prime Real Estate Investment Trust (MP REIT) and 50% of the holding company of the manager of MP REIT, represents another exciting new avenue for us to further expand our branding and presence in global markets. The Groupís foreign operations continue to take the lead in growing our revenues and profits, and the proposed acquisitions are well in line with this trend, complementing our existing utilities in the UK, Australia and Indonesia, cement operations in Singapore and China and high-end real estate in Singapore." [more...]

11% Growth in YTL Corpís Full-Year Profit Driven by Overseas Earnings - 19 August 2008 6:35:58 PM

YTL Group Managing Director Tan Sri Datoí (Dr) Francis Yeoh Sock Ping commented, "Improved performances from our utilities and cement businesses ensured another year of solid results, with the Groupís overseas operations in countries including the United Kingdom, Australia and Indonesia,continuing to contribute the bulk of earnings. The strength of the yearís performance has, in turn, enabled us to sustain our dividend pay-out levels, and the Group expects to be able to continue to reward long-term shareholders with dividends for future years. YTL Corp, for example, has paid dividends to its shareholders consecutively for 24 years and remains committed to its dividend policy." [more...]

Asian Wall Street Journal Survey Puts YTL No 1 in Long Term Vision - 13 June 2008 3:24:08 PM

Infrastructure and property company YTL Corp. topped the category of long-term vision. A YTL unit's joint venture in March 2007 was awarded one of several licenses for WiMax, a system for wireless broadband connectivity over a larger area than Wi-Fi hot spots can provide.

This is the 10th consecutive year that YTL has won this accolade, 7 of which was in The Far Eastern Economic Review. Tan Sri Francis Yeoh, Managing Director of YTL group said, ď I thank all the readers for this recognition and I want most to thank our Lord Jesus for once again perfuming YTLís name. I give Him all the glory.Ē [more...]

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