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YTL's Starhill Global REIT ranks 5th in Governance Index for Trusts 2017
Kuala Lumpur, 5 July 2017
YTL's Starhill Global Reit took 5th position in the inaugural GIFT scoring a total of 72.5 points in the table of 43 Reits and BTs assessed in this year's index. This ranking is important as Corporate Governance is one of the key sustainability pillars of the YTL Group, alongside Marketplace, Environment, Our People and Community.

How Wessex Water's Trenchless Technology Team is training young engineers
Trenchless International, 4 July 2017
The formation of Wessex Water’s Trenchless Technology Team allows young engineers to access expert mentors while working on real-world problems and forging original solutions for the management of cured-in-place pipe (CIPP) linings and other trenchless interventions.

Acting in the face of uncertainty
The Edge, 24 June 2017
Infrastructure, stresses Yeoh, can help provide jobs for today as well as tomorrow. “China has been spending money on building infrastructure, including fast trains. Without such infrastructure, could Alibaba have delivered US$17 billion worth of goods on its Singles Day (sending out over 600 million packages within three days)? You can see here how a traditional business like infrastructure backs the new digital business.”

New outdoor classroom opened at Trowbridge primary school
WIltshire Times, 24 June 2017
Apprentices from Wessex Water have built a new outdoor classroom for a Trowbridge primary school. The facility at St John’s Catholic Primary School in Wingfield Road was designed and built as part of the Brathay Apprentice Challenge, a national competition in which teams work together to raise awareness of apprenticeships as a viable career route. Wessex Water chief executive Colin Skellett performed the official opening alongside the nine-strong team, staff, parents and pupils.

Francis Yeoh recounts an enriching, humbling experience
The Edge Malaysia, 14 June 2017
Tan Sri Francis Yeoh, managing director of YTL Corp Bhd is the first Malaysian winner of the EY Entrepreneur Of The Year (EOY) award in 2002, as well as chief judge of the World EOY in 2011. This year, he is returning to the global entrepreneurship competition in Monte Carlo as a keynote speaker.

Reminiscing about that win 15 years ago — one of many accolades he has received as he built up his family's business empire after taking over the reins from his father in 1988 — he says: "I normally don't like to accept accolades and I reject many. I don't like to talk about myself. I prefer to talk about God and give him glory. But it was EY and I did it because EY is a great international organisation that stands for transparency and integrity, is known for its credibility, for promoting entrepreneurship, and they do it very transparently. They thought I had a story to tell and nominated me. I was honoured and [the experience] was fascinating."

Through his experience with EOY, his respect for entrepreneurs has grown as he saw the creativity of their ideas, how they sustained themselves and kept on providing jobs. Which is why, to him, "we must continue to promote their stories, and promote their stories well, so that hopefully we will encourage a culture of entrepreneurship".

To young entrepreneurs today, he says: "Don't have too much clutter in your head, just have faith in God and don't give up. It's never going to be easy, and don't expect it to be. But if you work very hard and are willing to learn from existing entrepreneurs, I don't think you will do that badly. And nowadays, with the tools we have, there is no excuse for anybody to be an idiot. You may not know the answers but you must know to ask the right questions. The answers are there, they are in your handphone."

Results: 61 - 65 of 155
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