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Long-term game-changers
The Sunday Times, 29 April 2015
Sustainability is at the heart of what businesses should strive to do or the world will simply cease to exist, said Tan Sri Dr Francis Yeoh, managing director, YTL Group of Companies who was keynote speaker at the Credit Suisse Global Megatrends Conference 2015 together with world renowned speaker, Laurence Fink, Chairman and chief executive officer of BlackRock who is also the biggest asset manager in the world with US$5 trillion of assets under management.

Companies need to stop being in "self-denial" and use technology to find solutions to environmental problems, he said, while commending the efforts of some countries in Asia including the two most populous in the region.

"Asian economies are getting there," he said. "Singapore does a good job, Japan and Korea are also quite strong in the area.

"China and India are the biggest polluters, and they know that if they don't do anything about it, we are not going to have a very pleasant world for our children to live in," he said.

Tan Sri Dr Yeoh believes that technology is the solutions for much of the world's sustainability problems.

"There are enough solutions to solve the world's pollution, even today. So why can't we do it?" he said.

YTL's Ruth Yeoh among Asia's powerful businesswomen
The Star, 26 February 2015
Malaysia's Ruth Yeoh of YTL Singapore was named among 50 powerful businesswomen in Asia by Forbes in its fourth annual Asia's Power Businesswomen list. Yeoh, 32, is also among 12 women in their late twenties to early forties identified as Women to Watch.

The executive director/director of YTL Singapore/YTL-SV Carbon (conglomerate) Singapore is the eldest of five children of Malaysian tycoon Tan Sri Francis Yeoh. She has been at the family company, YTL, with sales of US$6.3bil since 2005, championing its environmental agenda and raising awareness of climate change.

YTL's Wessex Water promises lower bills for its customers over the next five years and invest more than 2 billion to maintain and improve services for customers
Standard, 18 December 2014
The company has said it will keep bills below the rate of inflation, meaning the household bill for Wessex Water customers should fall by 39 and not increase.

At the same time, the company will be investing more than 2 billion to maintain and improve services for customers while creating hundreds of new jobs.

"Being an environmentalist isn't a choice", says Ruth Yeoh, YTL
Forum For The Future, 10 April 2014
"One is an environmentalist whether one likes it or not." So says Ruth Yeoh, Executive Director for YTL Singapore, Director at YTL's in-house carbon credit and clean development mechanism (CDM) consultancy, and winner of the inaugural Singapore Environmental Achievement Award, conferred by the Singapore Environmental Council in 2012.

It's the 'caring' aspect that makes it part and parcel of life for Yeoh - something she believes should be instinctive, even if the finer details of making it work have to be learnt. She's a Christian, and quick to attribute her own conviction to her faith, which is also that of her family. "I understand stewardship from biblical scripture: we are meant to be God's stewards of this Earth. 'Sustainable living' is simply a lifestyle where we attempt to take as little from the Earth as possible. The concept of reducing our carbon footprint is the more modern way of looking at this - as the world comes to realise that in many cases, humans have not used resources sparingly or wisely."

"My Father, and our Managing Director, Tan Sri Dr Francis Yeoh, consistently reminds us to be a 'force for good'. One of the biggest themes we emphasise at YTL is environmental evangelism, and this is not geographically constrained. It involves educating the public about the environment but also placing responsibility on key leaders in the community to pay it forward."

Little wonder, then, that Ruth - in contrast to many sustainability pioneers - found her ideas to protect the environment and serve the community "well accepted and embraced by the board, senior management and staff from the start".

For YTL, setting an example is not just about establishing the brand as a global leader but about bringing others along too. Ruth points to YTL Construction, which was recently awarded the Green and Gracious Builder Award, introduced by the Singapore Building and Construction Authority to set standards for green practice in the construction industry.

During 2012, Ruth recounts, YTL's Wessex Water exceeded government targets for biodiversity recovery, through habitat management for birds, bats and bees on nearly 300 hectares of land that it manages which are designated as Sites of Special Scientific Interest. YTL's Wessex Water also works with farmers to help them manage their use of nitrates and pesticides to prevent contamination of drinking water sources, and in 2013 partnered with the South Wiltshire Farmland Bird Project, working closely with farmers along a new pipeline route they are laying to protect some of the UK's rarest farmland bird species.

But real leadership - beyond the incremental - requires continual innovation, she asserts. "Take YTL's Wessex Water's subsidiary, GENeco. It has developed a Volkswagen Beetle vehicle that is powered by methane gas derived from human waste during the sewage treatment process. the first such test done in the UK.

YTL has strategic partnerships with The Nature Conservancy, Rare Conservation and Reef Check Malaysia, among others. With Rare Conservation, we have developed the YTL-RARE Fellowship programmes throughout South East Asia, where we educate community leaders who will go on to create their own 'mini' campaigns for their communities."

Michelle Yeoh honoured as woman icon
The Star, 29 January 2014
Photo exhibition dedicated to extraordinary eight achievers. The exhibition is presented by Louis Vuitton Malaysia and YTL Corporation Berhad and will run from now until Feb 28. The exhibition is open to the public. Located on the Indulge Floor of the Starhill Gallery, it is being held in conjunction with Louis Vuitton Malaysia's recent Global Store opening in the city.

Results: 71 - 75 of 146
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