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YTL’s Starhill Gallery Celebrates Arts Festival Finale
YTL Community News, 4 October 2010
“The greatest Artist is God the Creator! No one can sculpt or paint better than Him. And nature is His beautiful handiwork. But sadly, we often forget that and we carelessly pollute and destroy what He has wonderfully and intricately crafted. This evening, let us use art to support environmental conservation. We will auction off beautifully painted starfishes by famous individuals and the public, in support of Reef Check Malaysia.

“Our minister has painted one. I am sure Dato’ Sri’s starfish will fetch a humongous price. In case you ask why mine has not been painted? It is deliberate! I know my hands are bound to taint the art piece. So, I prefer to cherish the sculpture’s original colour in white, epitomising that sense of purity which reminds me of my Lord Jesus Christ, The Bright Morning Star!

“Let me thank everyone who has put so much into making this year’s Starhill Gallery Arts Festival a memorable one,” said Tan Sri (Dr) Francis Yeoh, Group Managing Director of YTL Corporation Berhad.

In her opening speech during the evening, Dato’ Sri Dr Ng Yen Yen congratulated Tan Sri (Dr) Francis Yeoh and YTL Corporation Berhad for consistently taking a step ahead in the private sector and complementing the government’s efforts in embracing the nation’s inherent talents.

“Starhill Gallery has launched the first nationwide art competition of its kind that is initiated by the private sector. The Visual Arts Awards (VAA) provides an invaluable platform for young, emerging artists to showcase their talents, inspiring them to reflect upon our culture, landscapes and people in the pursuit of excellence in Malaysian art,” she continued.

“Art is an affirmation of Life which brings us closer to the Divine”.

Green: Eco on their mind
NST Online, 8 July 2010
CAN townies develop a green lifestyle, despite being surrounded by concrete almost everywhere? For YTL Corp, it’s a big, resounding “Yes”! To prove it, the company recently turned the main concourse of its Lot 10 shopping centre into an Eco Haven bazaar of sustainable ideas for its fourth Climate Change Week. YTL director of investments Ruth Yeoh, who launched the event, sees Eco Haven as a window to new and practical ideas, setting an example for sustainable living in the city. “It’s a nod to our pragmatic forefathers who understood the true value of everyday things, where worn clothes were turned into quilts and rainy days provided water to clean their cars. “Through the various activities that we have put together for the week, we want to show Malaysians that it’s easy to go green.” Since YTL started Climate Change Week in 2007, what has been most fulfilling for Yeoh is seeing the much improved environmental consciousness in locals. “Climate change today has become a mainstream concern of the country. But we’re still at the stage which scientists have termed ‘ecological overshoot’ — using and wasting more resources than our planet can sustain or produce,” she says.

YTL Corp contributes US$2 million to “YTL Fellowship for a Rare Planet”
Kuala Lumpur, 22 June 2010
YTL Corporation today launched the “YTL Fellowship for a Rare Planet”, an unprecedented community-based conservation programme that is set to directly benefit environmentally-threatened sites in Malaysia and Asia, home to some of the world’s richest natural resources and most extraordinary species and habitats. The US$2 million Fellowship fund in support of Rare, an international conservation group with success in 50 countries, is one of the many conservation gifts by YTL.

Speaking at the event, Ruth Yeoh who also serves on Rare’s Board as their youngest Trustee said, “Like many groups, YTL supports climate change mitigation at all levels – from the emerging cap and trade market to national policy and raising awareness. But YTL feels passionately that we cannot meet the challenge of climate change without mobilizing local communities living in and around Asia, building local leadership capacity, and providing alternatives to people whose options are already quite limited.

“That is why YTL Corporation is supporting Rare, in training Fellows across Asia to run campaigns that raise awareness of the issues and offer communities tools for adapting to and mitigating climate change. We have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity before us: Given the right tools, Asia’s local communities can both contribute to and benefit from conservation of our rich natural resources, while playing a leading role on the world stage as we tackle the global threat of climate change.”

YTL Corporation launches Climate Change Week 2010 with Eco Heaven
Kuala Lumpur, 19 June 2010
YTL today kicked-start Climate Change Week 2010, in the heart of KL City, transforming Lot 10 Shopping Centre into an “Eco Heaven” with a showcase of creative reinventions of various used and recycle materials. Setting an example for its theme “Sustainable Living in the City”, Climate Change Week 2010 seeks to inspire Malaysians via a series of exciting and thought-provoking eco activities that will be held from June 19-27 in Lot 10 Shopping Centre, to show Malaysians how easy it is to go green.

Speaking at the launch, Ruth Yeoh, YTL’s Director of Investments said, "Since we started Climate Change Week in 2007, what has been the most fulfilling is seeing the tremendous increase in environmental consciousness amongst Malaysian, where climate change today has grown into a mainstream concern of the country and its people. But yet, we are still at a point in time which Scientists have termed ‘ecological overshoot’, using and wasting more resources than our planet can sustain or produce. To put it into perspective, in 2005 this annual overshoot accrued into an ecological debt that exceeded 2.5 years of Earth’s total productivity. And today, moderate United Nations scenarios suggest that if the world’s current population and consumption trends continue, by the middle of the next decade we will need an equivalent of two Earths to support us."

YTL Group conferred Green Energy Company of the Year at 2010 Malaysia Excellence Awards
Kuala Lumpur, 10 June 2010
"Green Energy Company of the Year" at 2010 Malaysia Excellence Awards - Research conducted by Frost & Sullivan Energy & Power Supplies Research team. The Green Energy Company of the Year Award was conferred to YTL Corporation Berhad in recognition of it’s significant progress in enhancing the long-term sustainability and managing the environmental impact of its operations. This has resulted in measurable improvement in the company’s overall environmental performance within its industry sector, which in turn contributed to the development of best practices for the entire industry in Malaysia. This includes a significant thrust on producing green innovations in its products and processes.

Managing Director of YTL Group Tan Sri (Dr) Francis Yeoh said, "This is an immensely meaningful award. Naturally, I give thanks and glory to our Lord Jesus Christ for this blessing. This recognition affirms YTL’s commitment to green innovation and also sustainability. But more importantly, it reflects our passion to preserve our environment as good stewards of God’s earth, as well as to promote awareness on climate change. I hope YTL demonstrated what corporations like ours could do to save our environment."

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