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Going Green, For Real
Bernama, 1 March 2010
The corporate world embarks on what they call "green initiatives" but one sometime wonders if this effort is more than just a tax-exemption exercise. Enter Ruth Yeoh, the eldest daughter of the managing director of YTL Group Tan Sri Francis Yeoh. For those unaware, the group is one of Malaysia's biggest infrastructure conglomerates with businesses across the globe. Ruth is the Director of Investments and the one who leads the environmental division at YTL. "For the Climate Change Week, we have free screenings of eco-documentaries and movies, we hold talks, seminars, meetings and conferences. We also have youth workshops so the younger generation can participate and have their voices heard," she said. Her active participation in environmental conservation efforts demonstrates her tenacity in walking the talk, as an individual and a corporate citizen. One wonders what keeps her green drive going, but Ruth sums it up succinctly: "I'm only doing my part to protect our earth and the environment. You can do the same. It's the least we can do for ourselves, and the future generations."

Appreciating Time & The Environment at Starhill Gallery
Kuala Lumpur, 10 December 2009
Tan Sri (Dr.) Francis Yeoh, Group Managing Director of YTL Corporation Berhad commented that “For the true appreciation of Time, is the true appreciation of nature and the environment. Without which, time is no luxury! But the environment is showing signs of buckling under the strain of sustaining Mankind because nothing but time is infinite. With A Journey Through Time in its 3rd year, we felt that we should use this world-class event to raise awareness on the environmental challenges facing our world, as well as the different roles we could all play in protecting and preserving our environment”.

Power of the earth
Straits Times, 1 August 2009
With its “virtualisation” software, YTL's Power Seraya can meet its information technology (IT) needs with just 10 physical data servers while projecting the capabilities of 100 servers virtually. This has allowed Power Seraya to cut down its energy consumption in such activities by 75 percent, or some 310, 000 kwh of energy savings. Another way to measure this green practice is that Power Seraya has helped to avoid some 168 tonnes of carbon emissions annually. “As a power company, we are mindful of our association with carbon, given the nature of our business operations,” says Mr. John Ng, chief executive officer of Power Seraya. “As a responsible company, the management and the company’s board recognised that they would need to place greater emphasis on the environment in order to build a sustainable future.”

The company has also spent on emissions control equipment and clean burning co-generation plants, thus cutting carbon dioxide emissions by more than 30 percent and sulphur dioxide by more than 80 percent over the last decade. In particular, Power Seraya’s $800 million investment in an 800 MW National Gas Combined Cycle Plant (CCP) will result in a higher proportion of electricity being generated from cleaner fuel sources and at a higher thermal efficiency. This will lead to a further 10 percent reduction in carbon dioxide emissions from current levels when the plan is fully operational in 2010.

Companies praised for green initiatives
The Business Times, 31 July 2009
COMPANIES from a range of industries were lauded for innovative, sustainable and green initiatives at the third annual Singapore Green Summit (SGS) yesterday. Leading the pack in terms of awards won was energy group YTL's Power- Seraya. PowerSeraya clinched two awards - for best sustainability report and best first-time report at SGS - and a B+ from the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), the global standard for sustainability reporting. This is the highest level obtained by a local company so far.

Champions Of Change
British Malaysian Chamber of Commerce (BMCC), 18 July 2008
“Human beings emit 700 tonnes of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere every single second. In 2005 alone, Malaysians generated 7.34 million tonnes of solid waste, enough to fill 42 buildings the size of the Petronas Twin Towers. And the population of Malaysia is only 25 million people. What about countries like India or China? Careless consumption is killing our planet.” This was the powerful message delivered during the recent second Annual Climate Change Week championed by YTL. The week's programme included a conference with high profile speakers who delivered hard-hitting messages.

Results: 101 - 105 of 147
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