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Companies praised for green initiatives
The Business Times, 31 July 2009
COMPANIES from a range of industries were lauded for innovative, sustainable and green initiatives at the third annual Singapore Green Summit (SGS) yesterday. Leading the pack in terms of awards won was energy group YTL's Power- Seraya. PowerSeraya clinched two awards - for best sustainability report and best first-time report at SGS - and a B+ from the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), the global standard for sustainability reporting. This is the highest level obtained by a local company so far.

Champions Of Change
British Malaysian Chamber of Commerce (BMCC), 18 July 2008
“Human beings emit 700 tonnes of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere every single second. In 2005 alone, Malaysians generated 7.34 million tonnes of solid waste, enough to fill 42 buildings the size of the Petronas Twin Towers. And the population of Malaysia is only 25 million people. What about countries like India or China? Careless consumption is killing our planet.” This was the powerful message delivered during the recent second Annual Climate Change Week championed by YTL. The week's programme included a conference with high profile speakers who delivered hard-hitting messages.

Ruth Yeoh, The Enlightened Next Generation
The Edge Malaysia, 4 July 2008
Her Christian upbringing and faith were also instrumental in shaping her values and beliefs. Quoting a verse from the Bible — “the earth is the Lord’s and everything in it” — she says, “I really believe in that because we’re God’s children, and we’re supposed to safeguard his earth." You can choose to be a duck that quacks, or an eagle that soars and sees all the problems and deals with it. Yeoh also oversees YTLs carbon credit consultancy group, which she claims is No 1 in Malaysia and third in Asean in terms of registered projects. “We help companies apply for CDM (clean development mechanism) and basically show them how to go green, such as what do they do with their waste, how to convert it and how to clean up their factories.

YTL, S P Setia top in sustainability
The Edge Daily, 9 June 2008
YTL Land & Development Bhd (YTL) and S P Setia Bhd (S P Setia) are the leaders in sustainability practices in the Malaysian property industry, according to a study done by Professor Graeme Newell, professor of property investment at the School of Economics and Finance, University of Western Sydney.
"We studied the sustainability practices of these 30 companies and how they were setting benchmarks in the industry. We found that YTL and S P Setia are two companies actively involved in sustainability," says Newell.
"YTL won an award for best social reporting. It also sponsored a screening of the movie, An Inconvenient Truth, where 5,000 people turned up," says Newell. The company also published a book entitled Cut Carbon, Grow Profits and held workshops for staff development.

YTL Corporation Berhad wins award for "Commendation for Social Reporting"
Kuala Lumpur, 3 June 2008
YTL Corporation Berhad wins a Top Award for "Commendation for Social Reporting" at the ACCA Malaysia Environmental and Social Reporting Awards (MESRA) 2007. Out of a total of 62 reports, 20 finalists were short listed, out of which 6 Awards were given to the overall winners. Last year, YTL Corp also won the ACCA MESRA 2006 Award for "Best Social Reporting in an Annual Report."

Results: 111 - 115 of 154
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