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Perlis teak initiative blossoms
NST, 22 September 2019
Such glorious beauty brings to mind the words of poet Joyce Kilmer: "A tree looks at God all day, And lifts her leafy arms to pray; Poems are made by fools like me, But only God can make a tree."

Malaysia and Indonesia are both using hotspot maps in a public battle over haze responsibility
Business Insider, 12 September 2019
The recent haze in Malaysia has caused tensions with neighbouring Indonesia, with the two countries’ environment ministers each accusing the other of shirking responsibility for the dusty air.

Hazy days till month’s end
The Star, 8 September 2019
The haze in Malaysia is likely to persist until the end of this month in view of the low chances of heavy rains and the possibility of uncontrolled open burning.

Stopping illegal wildlife trade means engaging local communities
The Star, 22 August 2019
rom the illegal trafficking of pangolin scales and rhino horns to the smuggling of live corals, the 29th International Congress for Conservation Biology (ICCB 2019) was replete with tales of the grim and increasingly depressing wildlife trade around the world. The conference was held in Kuala Lumpur for the first time, from July 21-15.

Air quality worsens slightly in the country
The Star, 19 August 2019
The air quality in Peninsular Malaysia has worsened slightly with Rompin in Pahang Air Pollutant Index (API) readings jumping from “unhealthy” to “very unhealthy” zone.

Results: 1 - 5 of 62
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