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What using single-use plastic says about you and your business
Eco Business, 17 August 2018
Businesses that use single-use plastic show ignorance of important global issues and a lack of care for the communities they serve, argues Doug Woodring.

Ireland makes world’s first pledge to divest from fossil fuels
Climate Action Programme, 13 July 2018
The Irish Parliament has passed a bill which forces the country to divest its assets in fossil fuels.

Microplastics: Small plastics, big problem
Eco Business, 12 July 2018
When it comes to plastic pollution, what you don’t see can harm you. Aurecon’s Paul Stephenson explains the invisible and insidious threat of microplastics.

The last straw? Starbucks pledges to eliminate plastic straws globally by 2020
Seattle Times, 9 July 2018
The coffee giant says it uses 1 billion plastic straws a year as its cold beverage sales grow, but will replace them with "strawless" sippy lids and alternative materials.

Sea level rise due to Antarctic ice melt has ‘tripled over past five years’
Eco Business, 15 June 2018
The rate of sea level rise resulting from the melting of the Antarctic ice sheet has tripled over the past five years, according to new research from a global team of scientists.

Results: 1 - 5 of 80
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