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Act now for a sustainable environment
NST, 14 September 2018
THE government has, for quite some time, shone its light on socio-economic issues of the country, and rightly so. However, what is often missing from the spotlight is the environment and sustainability aspect of Malaysia, and this is where I believe the government and youth advocacy in Malaysia can truly help uncover what is hidden.

'Instil gender equality when young' advice
Daily Express, 11 September 2018
Awareness of gender equality must be instilled at a young age while children are still at home, said Professor Dato' Dr Rashidah Shuib speaker at "Gender Inclusiveness and Equality Conference" held in the state capital, recently, she said both genders are equally crucial in promoting economy, sustaining developments, making decision towards building a better nation.

Education, key to protecting our planet
The Star, 2 September 2018
Malaysia is recognised as one of the top 12 mega-biodiversity countries in the world. Our country is home to a great variety of natural resources that provide for the well-being and economic development of its people.

A Malaysian port city grapples with Chinese funding fallout
Eco Business, 27 August 2018
Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamed has put the brakes on key Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) projects in Pahang state—including a fast rail link to Singapore—a slowdown that could benefit both the economy and the environment, observers say.

The sustainable sago eco beads from Malaysia
The Week, 25 August 2018
A team from the University of Technology, Mara in Malaysia have created beads from waste sago fibre. Green, yellow, blue, black, pink, reddish orange and brown beads have been aesthetically strung together to form stylish jewellery. While their colours and delicate designs are eye catching, it is their concept of being eco friendly and sustainable that is noteworthy.

Results: 51 - 55 of 75
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