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The growing momentum for science-based targets
GreenBiz, 2 October 2017
Gap, Nike, Levi Strauss and other apparel companies made headlines in September when they committed to setting science-based greenhouse gas reduction targets.

Meet a new circular vision to maximize value from waste
GreenBiz, 28 September 2017
How can we reframe the value of waste? The Cascading Materials Vision aims to find out — and plug it into the equation of preserving natural resources while saving companies money.

Biophilic Design: Why Nature Matters
Human Spaces, 27 September 2017
Today’s society is more urban, digital and fast-paced than ever before. The downside of this is the overall loss of our connection to nature and the outdoors. As designers, we have a role and an opportunity to positively affect the fundamental ways people interact with space. We can accomplish this by creating spaces to live, work and play that incorporate elements of the natural environment into the overall experience.

Spare that straw, please
The Star, 20 August 2017
Malaysians use up about 31 million plastic straws every day, based on conservative estimates, and these would likely end up in landfills.

Trump administration 'disbands climate change advisory committee'
Independent, 20 August 2017
A mandate for the 15-member Advisory Committee for the Sustained National Climate Assessment is due to expire.

Results: 21 - 25 of 88
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