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A greener idyll
NST, 12 March 2018
A social enterprise with a concern for green issues, JO Greenís main objectives are to inform, inspire, connect and encourage more people to embrace a social path to a greener Johor.

Microplastic pollution in oceans is far worse than feared, say scientists
The Guardian, 12 March 2018
A study reveals highest microplastic pollution levels ever recorded in a river in Manchester, UK and shows that billions of particles flooded into the sea from rivers in the area in just one year

UN moves towards recognising human right to a healthy environment
The Guardian, 9 March 2018
Formal recognition would help protect those who increasingly risk their lives to defend the land, water, forests and wildlife, says the UN special rapporteur on human rights and the environment

Growing up in greener neighbourhoods may boost brain development
The Star, 7 March 2018
New European research has found that children who have grown up near vast areas of greenspace show larger volumes of white and grey matter in the brain, which could have a beneficial effect on cognitive function.

Cities, scientists unite in battle against climate change at UN summit
Eco-Business, 6 March 2018
The three day gathering marks the first time cities rather than nations are offered a seat at the table of the UNís top scientific authority on global warming.

Results: 31 - 35 of 80
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