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YTL Foundation and FrogAsia have been a core part of YTL’s education initiatives for many years. We strive to create a better society through education which coincides with Goal 4 to ensure inclusive and high quality education for all. Besides the annual YTL scholarship awards, the Frog Classroom programme under YTL Foundation is transforming classrooms throughout Malaysia into 21st century learning spaces, designed to promote technology-enabled, and student-focused learning environments. YTL Foundation provides them with custom-made tables and chairs, new air-conditioning units together with a project management toolkit and logistic support.

      d'Arcy Lunn, founder of Teaspoons of Change at the Leaps of Knowledge Conference Your World ReimaginED

In addition, FrogAsia, our internet-based education provider is a delivery partner together with Malaysia’s Ministry of Education to hold the “World’s Largest Lesson” which is a worldwide initiative carried out to teach students about the UN SDGs. Over 13 schools all over the globe joined in the sessions through Google Hangouts, which fulfil FrogAsia’s mission to make education accessible regardless of background or location. The lessons were recorded and the videos made available, along with lesson plans on the FrogStore, making the content accessible to 10,000 schools across Malaysia. FrogAsia also organised a conference “Leaps of Knowledge: Your World ReimaginED”, centred around the 17 Global Goals with participation by more than 600 students. Part of the conference outcome was a workshop to innovate and drive social projects in support of the Global Goals

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