Waste Management in response to sustainable consumption

November 1 , 2016

With increasing waste generation intensity globally, the responsible use of resources is something to strive for in order that we do not compromise future generation’s needs. Part of Goal 12 is responsible consumption and production targets to substantially reduce waste generation through prevention, reduction, recycling and reuse of resources as well as to manage responsible disposal of chemicals and all waste throughout their life cycles in accordance with agreed international frameworks.

YTL Group is very concerned about the stress of waste on the planet’s ecosystems and natural resources, and we are working hard to address this within our businesses. Last year in our YTL annual Leadership Conference, a waste workshop was conducted by our Sustainability Team to educate colleagues on proper waste management systems and tools from daily life to business operations. Besides going through the new Solid Waste and Public Cleansing Management Act in Malaysia which makes separation at source mandatory for household waste, all attendees were challenged to champion the environmental agenda in their respective workplaces and divisions.

Our Indonesian entity YTL Jawa Timur also answered the call in waste management. Recently, both fly ash and bottom ash which are waste products from power plant operations were innovatively used by them to mix with cement to produce paving blocks rather than send the waste to landfills. They also have an in-house “Waste Bank” programme where employees are encouraged to recycle waste through a “recycle and reward” approach.


YTL Hotels have been increasingly doing their part in waste management. Recycling practices are already widespread among our hotels such as Pangkor Laut Resort and Tanjong Jara Resort. Routine beach cleaning is carried out to clear marine debris brought in by high tides and currents. They also constantly remind hotel customers to be more conscious regarding their consumption habits in accordance with Goal 12.

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