SDG 8 - Decent work and Economic growth


Decent work means opportunities for everyone to secure work that is productive and delivers fair and equitable income, security in the workplace, advancement opportunities and social protection for families. In YTL, we recognise the importance of having a safe and healthy workforce as the foundation of sound employee welfare.

Risk assessment on health and safety aspects is viewed seriously in our daily operations across all subsidiaries as it also potentially affects our customers, contractors and other stakeholders. We aim for zero accident workplaces to provide our employees with peace of mind whilst working with us as part of our Corporate Statement on commitments to health and safety.


In light of SDG 8, a higher level of economic productivity is expected to be achieved through diversification, technological upgrading and innovation. Wessex Water, in this context have been exploring innovative approaches to enhance nutrient management systems in their water and sewage treatment services. Partnerships with research institutions and local communities were fostered to trial the innovations. These award-winning innovations such as catchment-based permitting and Entrade (an online nutrient trading platform) are expected to benefit 2.8 million customers across the south west of England aside from driving more economic growth.


On the other hand, YTL Communications via their Yes 4G network have also achieve an 85% nationwide population coverage across Malaysia. With affordable rates, rural communities now have equal access to high-speed 4G LTE Internet comparable to those in the urban areas. This is a technological upgrade process to prepare for a better-connected nation as well as to effectively reduce the country's urban-rural digital divide which can also act to boost economic growth.

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