Energy Management System Implementation

September 27 , 2013


YTL Cement’s Perak-Hanjoong Simen Sdn Bhd (PHS) and YTL Power Services’ PT YTL Jawa Timur (YTLJT) have a very simple concept in the definition of energy conservation which is the goal of using less energy to provide the same amount of product or energy. Both organizations uphold the most simple principles and actions; reduction of energy consumption and improvement of energy efficient.

 YTL Cement attained ISO 50001:2011 accreditation for their Perak plant. This is an Energy Management System (EnMS) initiative which provides a framework for the Cement division to use and manage energy efficiently, and to continually improve energy management within all the cement plants. In order to further reduce the impact of their operations on the environment, PHS is the first cement plant in Malaysia to embark on an EnMS programme and successfully certified in March 2013 - complying with the internationally recognized standards.

As part of efforts to reduce energy consumption, they have initiated an airslide bucket project for the transportation of cement from the cement mills to storage silos at PHS cement plant. The old system which used a Fuller-Kinyon (FK) pump has been converted to a more energy efficient system which is based on airslide bucket. This project has been successfully completed at a cost of RM 4.16 million, resulting in approximately 2.0 kWh/tonne of power savings equivalent to a reduction of some 1.5 tonnes in CO2 for each tonne of cement transported.

 Likewise, the other cement plants are also in various stages of preparation for this certification. In particular, Pahang Cement Sdn Bhd is targeting to be certified in September 2013.

In line with our overall corporate aims to cut emissions, YTLJT recognises that respect for the environment is an integral part of the PT Jawa Power’s (Paiton II Power Station) business strategy. YTLJT consistently strives to maintain a high figure of generation efficiency which results in less carbon emissions per MWh electricity generated. Starting in 2012, the site implemented a holistic Energy Management System (EnMS) to further control energy consumption and enhance the efficiency of its energy conservation programme. Under the Company's energy policy, which is in line with Indonesia Ministry of Energy & Mineral Resources regulation No.14 Year 2012, the program aimed at utilizing energy resources effectively and efficiently.

As a result of the implementation of EnMS, YTLJT received its ISO 50001:2011 certification in July 2013, which means PT Jawa Power’s Paiton II is now the first Power Plant in Indonesia certified in ISO 50001. High generation efficiency can still be achieved and maintained due to the good operation and maintenance practices, periodic performance tests, efficiency monitoring and via work improvement teams over the past years of operation.

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