At YTL, we strive towards being a trust-based organisation that upholds ethical, sustainable and responsible business practices by;
  • delivering profitable business growth through effective risk management and compliance.
  • operating sustainable and responsible supply chains and procurement processes.
  • strengthening responsible stewardship of products and services.
  • investing in sustainable innovation.
  • respecting and actively engaging with business partners, customers and communities.
Trust and integrity that we possess reflect on the quality of our products and world class standard services. The creation of economic value in our products and services that are derived from ethical practices and responsible business are core to the way we do business.

We believe that our commitment to ethical and responsible business practices will lead to business excellence and long-term success. In keeping with our core values and commitment, we have implemented various initiatives that have enabled us to monitor and manage business risks, to become more competitive, to accelerate sustainable growth in a manner that creates value for our shareholders and also allows us to seize new opportunities in the different industries.

Read our Sustainability Report to learn more about Embracing the Marketplace.

Despite the challenging economic conditions, our achievements and strong financial profile are attributed to our commitment to adopting comprehensive risk assessment and management systems that are regularly evaluated and improved on in consideration of economic, environmental and social impacts.

Our risk management system focuses on managing the principle risks that could threaten the Group’s performance and growth whilst continuing to keep an eye on emerging risks and opportunities. By adhering to laws, regulations, guidelines and specifications relevant to the business units, it helps to reduce business risks that occur either directly through fines or indirectly through impacts on reputation.

YTL has high standards of quality control in place throughout our processes – adopting a precautionary approach from the procurement of raw materials to the sales of products and delivery of services.

Our priority is always given to locally produced items and responsibly sourced products and services in order to reduce transportation related emissions and to support the local economy, whilst also meeting financial key performance indicators (KPIs).

We are still committed to continuous learning that could further optimise our line of products and services across diversified businesses. Our aim as a company is to supply the highest quality products and to deliver world class services at competitive prices that meet and where possible exceed our customers’ expectations. Innovation remains one of the Group’s strategic focus areas, and significant investment in research and development (R&D) is a crucial factor in ensuring long-term sustainability.

We recognise and respect the legal rights of others on matters involving the ownership, use and disclosure of intellectual property. At YTL, our corporate, customer and employee information is strictly private and confidential, and is treated as such at all times. In Malaysia, we have registered with the Personal Data Protection Act 2010 - an Act that regulates the processing of personal data in regards to commercial transactions.

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