This CNY, clean up Mother Nature too


The Star, January 25, 2011

PETALING JAYA: Mother Nature also deserves some spring cleaning before Chinese New Year, said environmentally-conscious group Waterfall Survivors.

President Joe Yap said this was a good time to give back to nature.

“Most people just clean their own homes for Chinese New Year but forget that the environment could do with some cleaning too,” she said.

20 people from the group went to Rainbow Waterfall in Sungai Lembing, Pahang, over the weekend to enjoy the surroundings and clean the area at the same time.

“We picked up some rubbish but thankfully it is still one of the waterfalls in Malaysia that is well-kept,” said Yap, adding that the group had embarked on many clean up missions since it started the “Save Our Waterfalls” campaign in 2009.

“We’ve left our footprints on over 70 waterfalls in Malaysia, and we’ve collected hundreds of bags of rubbish,” said Yap.

She added that Waterfall Survivors promote a green lifestyle wherever they go.

“Many small-town residents have no idea how to go about saving the environment,” she said, adding that the team had helped to make and hang Chinese New Year decorations at its guesthouse in Sungai Lembing using recylced materials.

“We used old ang pows to make interesting origami animals such as a fish. We also made tang lungs (paper lanterns) to hang on the plants,” she said.

The owner of the guesthouse, Liau Hai Keong, 44, lauded their efforts to make a difference.

He added that it was disappointing to see the rubbish left by irresponsible tourists.

“Our waterfalls are a very special national heritage,” he said.

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