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General News

The Star, Saturday 26 November 2016

‘Conservation area will be four times Penang island size’

Sabah is piecing together a conservation area that will eventually become a key biodiversity zone about four times the size of Penang island.



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Eco-Business, Tuesday 22 November 2016

New funding platform launched for sustainability projects in Asia

Bringing together European banks and UN funding, the new Sustainable Finance Collective Asia will offer capital and expert advice for sustainabilit...


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The Sun Daily, Thursday 17 November 2016

Wan Junaidi reaffirms Malaysia's commitment to forest conservation

Malaysia has reaffirmed its commitment to sustainable forest conservation and management at the ongoing United Nations conference on climate change here attended by heads of state and government and ministers in charge of environment from over 190...


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The Star, Tuesday 15 November 2016

The future of the Earth is in your hands

The state of our planet is not in very good shape and the time to act is now.



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Boston Globe, Monday 14 November 2016

Without human rights, there can be no sustainability

JEFFREY D. SACHS has a view of the future that is sometimes contradictory (“Prosperity in sustainability,” Opinion, Nov. 7). He calls for a more level playing field and then urges government to ca...


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GreenBiz, Monday 14 November 2016

Improving building efficiency: A tale of 4 cities

One-third of the world’s energy-related emissions come from buildings. So perhaps it’s no surprise that more than 80 national climate plans submitted ahead of COP21 in Paris included commitments to improve building efficiency.


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Sustainable Brands, Friday 11 November 2016

COPtimism: 5 Reasons to Be Optimistic About Our Future Climate

Since the international Paris Agreement for climate action was signed this time last year, the levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere have cont...


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Investors Want to Know About REITs' Sustainability Plans

REIT management teams generally view sustainability as a sound long-term investment.



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The Star, Thursday 10 November 2016

UN climate talks to Trump: Don't get left behind

Stunned but defiant participants at UN climate talks in Marrakesh said Wednesday that climate change denier Donald Trump can’t derail the global shift to clean energy, and that the United States wou...


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National Geographic, Wednesday 9 November 2016

Animals Eat Ocean Plastic Because it Smells Like Food

A new study sheds light on why so many seabirds, fish, whales, and other critters are gobbling up so much marine plastic debris. And it's not quite...


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The Star, Tuesday 8 November 2016

Subang Jaya folk support polystyrene-free policy

Private companies, community groups and 15 schools from the Subang Jaya municipality have shown their support for a green initiative in line with the Selangor state government’s polystyrene- free policy, which will begin on Jan 1 next year.<...


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The Star, Sunday 6 November 2016

Green schools a growing trend

Some schools in Singapore are creating gardens on their premises as such plots offer learning opportunities and a chance for students to get close ...


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The Star, Wednesday 2 November 2016

Why destroy Sabah’s corals with bombs?

However, fish bombing is not only illegal, it’s a highly destructive fishing method widely practiced in Sabah, and elsewhere in the Pacific a...


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Mckinsey, Tuesday 1 November 2016

The future of second-generation biomass

The promise of the second-generation (2G) bioconversion industry is that it will transform cellulose-based, nonedible biomass and agricultural waste into clean and affordable high-value fuels or chemicals. (The first-generation, or 1G, technology ...


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