General News

General News

The Star, Wednesday 18 March 2020

Not lockdown but forced social distancing to save Malaysia

The movement control order (MCO) announced by the Prime Minister on March 16 is perhaps the first such order that I have known since my own childho...


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Oil Price, Monday 16 March 2020

Is The Oil Price Crash Good For Renewable Energy?

With Saudi Arabia and Russia pumping flooding the market with oil as coronavirus threatens demand, oil prices have crashed below the $30 mark. It is a price crash that could have profound consequences for the global transition to cleaner energy.


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Free Malaysia Today, Monday 16 March 2020

Exercise, balanced diet, sleep will help combat Covid-19

A balanced diet, regular exercise and getting enough sleep are important ways to combat Covid-19, a medical expert said on Monday.


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NST, Sunday 15 March 2020

Helping turtles and women

A group of 10 women in Kampung Pasir Gajah, Chukai, is turning its hobbies into activities to save endangered terrapins from extinction.


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NST, Saturday 14 March 2020

Female bear recovering well after rescue

A female sun bear that was recently rescued from a forest fire in the Ban Kha district is recovering well, said veterinarians.


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NST, Thursday 12 March 2020

Discarded coronavirus masks clutter Hong Kong's beaches, trails

Discarded face masks are piling up on Hong Kong’s beaches and nature trails, with environmental groups warning that the waste is posing a hug...


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The Edge, Tuesday 3 March 2020

Do not postpone efforts to address environmental issues — Sultan Nazrin

"Without trees there will be no forest. Without the trees and forests would lose all the benefits from the forests will be lost, there will be less plant and animal species, damage to natural habitat, disrupt the food chain system and threatens hu...


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