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General News, Thursday 28 July 2022

Alarm as Earth hits 'Overshoot Day' Thursday: NGOs

Mankind marks a dubious milestone Thursday, the day by which humanity has consumed all earth can sustainably produce for this year, with NGOS warni...


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FT, Wednesday 27 July 2022

Singapore's SGX links up with NYSE to develop ETFs and ESG funds

Move follows announcement of an ETF link with China’s Shenzhen bourse.



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The Malaysian Reserve, Wednesday 27 July 2022

FMT, Wednesday 20 July 2022

Govt approves master plan to link, protect major forest areas

The Central Forest Spine Master Plan for Ecological Linkages (PIRECFS), the main policy relating to town and rural planning, has been approved to provide guidelines for planning and physical development of forests within Peninsular Malaysia.



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World Economic Forum, Friday 15 July 2022

How Southeast Asia can simultaneously protect nature and generate $2 trillion a year

Investing in measures to protect the biodiversity of Southeast Asia’s forests and seas could produce benefits valued at more than $2.19 trill...


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NST, Thursday 7 July 2022

Tree Plantations way forward in forestry

"In reducing the pressure on the natural forests, the establishment of Industrial Tree Plantations (ITP) is the way forward for the management of forest resources. Sabah's timber industry will have to rely on forest plantations as the main source ...


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Malay Mail, Wednesday 6 July 2022

Taxation - An important part of the ESG agenda

Economic disruptions caused by climate change, social effects of an aging population and demand for greater transparency are among the current global issues facing businesses which are as critical as the pandemic we have experienced over the last ...


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The Star, Tuesday 5 July 2022

The effects of climate change in Malaysia

Malaysia is particularly vulnerable to flooding, with the frequency and extremity of flood events having increased in recent decades.



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Mongabay, Friday 1 July 2022

U.N. Ocean Conference ends with promises. Is a sea change coming?

The second United Nations Oceans Conference took place from June 27 to July 1 in Lisbon, focusing on the protection of life under water, as dictate...


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FMT, Friday 1 July 2022

Top experts share sustainability insights at SB'22KL

The highly anticipated Sustainable Brands Kuala Lumpur Conference 2022 (SB’22KL) took place on June 21 and 22, drawing in top decision-makers...


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