Corporate leadership in CSR

Tan Sri (Dr) Francis Yeoh and Tay Kay Luan

The Edge Malaysia, 19 March 2007

By Tay Kay Luan


Thankfully, in Malaysia, we have several concerned parties and corporate leaders who not only share such concerns, but also want to do something about it.


Tan Sri Francis Yeoh, managing director of YTL Corp Bhd (YTL) is one such leader. He is one of the growing numbers of chief executives who are committed to the green agenda.


In his speech at the recent one-day conference on “Cutting Carbon to Increase Profits” held in Kuala Lumpur, he spoke with conviction on the ecological debts and such negligence will not be forgiven by our future generations.


As a self-professed “tree-hugger and greenie”, Yeoh leads a global organization that is committed to cut carbon emissions, conserve energy, and protect natural resources.


YTL represents a growing number of corporations that are taking sustainability matters and concerns more seriously.


Tay Kay Luan is ACCCA director ASEAN & Australia

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