Since our humble beginnings in 1955, YTL sustainability sits at the heart of our approach to business. Social responsible and sustainable operations are a norm to us. Operating sustainably is an integral and vital component of our business strategy. Our ambition is to provide our customers and consumers with products and services that meet their expectations whilst minimising the impact of our operations on the environment and local communities around us.

We strive to integrate sustainability initiatives into the Group's business model. We are fully committed to being a responsible corporate citizen and we strive to bring positive change as a force for good by improving lives everywhere we operate, aiming for a healthy, safe and sustainable environment and considering the needs of the present generation whilst, a the same time, anticipating the needs of future generations. We continually raise awareness of sustainability issues amongst our staff, to build value for our stakeholders; and to manage our businesses and serving our customers as sustainably as possible.

At YTL, we are committed to upholding the highest ethical practices and corporate governance standards in all our dealings. Governance and the creation of value to all stakeholders are mutually dependent and it is critical to business integrity and the creation of sustainable business. Responsible and transparent management of the businesses shows accountability and ensures the long-term success of the businesses. We believe there can be no comprise of these aspects when it comes to the way we govern our businesses, manage risk and analyse opportunities.

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Recognising the importance of embedding sustainability in the way we work, the Group set up YTL Group Sustainability Committee (YTL GSC) in 2011. Led by YTL Corporation Berhad's Managing Director Tan Sri Dato' (Dr) Francis Yeoh, it comprises representatives from the Group's Sustainability Division and Senior Management from the entire Group's Business Units. The committee is responsible for overseeing and ensuring sustainability implementation and setting high-level direction and strategic focus.

Engaging Our Stakeholders
We define our stakeholders as those who have direct, indirect or potential impacts on the Group, including those groups who are affected directly or indirectly as a result of our operations. We recognise that proactive engagement with our stakeholders is an essential prerequisite for the long-term sustainability of our businesses. Across the Group, we engage with our stakeholders on a continuing basis through a variety of internal and external communication platforms.
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