Our employees are our greatest asset and a cornerstone in our pursuit of business success. As a conglomerate that employs over 11,000 people globally, we believe that our tremendous economic growth has been mainly attributed to having the right talent, with the right skills in the right roles, thriving in the right culture and successfully driving the Group into its next phase of growth and development.

At YTL, we strive to be the Employer of Choice by;

  • promoting and embracing diversity and inclusiveness.
  • fostering fair and equitable workplace conditions.
  • nurturing human capital by growing workplace capacity and skills.
  • bridging gaps through training, on the job learning and career development.
  • caring for employees through active engagement and encouraging healthy work life balance.
  • ensuring the health, safety and well-being of employees.

Read our Sustainability Report to learn more about Empowering Our People.

In 2018, we released a detailed Code of Conduct and Ethics which sets out acceptable practices and ethics that guide employees of YTL Group of Companies ("YTL Group"). For more information please refer to Code of Conduct and Ethics.


Embracing Equality, Diversity & Inclusion

With an established presence in various industries, embracing diversity, equality and fairness to all is customary within our Group. Our recruitment and career advancement policies emphasize on merit and suitability to ensure all employees have equal access to opportunities. We also practice hiring of home-grown talent and inclusivity of local cultures within our respective workplaces.

Nurturing Human Capital

Our foremost priority within all our businesses is ensuring that the welfare and development needs of our people are sufficiently met. YTL believes in cultivating our people’s competencies and providing the right platform for them to sharpen and refine their skills. At the same time, we also strive to provide competitive remuneration and benefits packages whilst building a conducive and flexible working environment for our people.

Caring for Our People Through Active Engagement

As an employer, our greatest hope is for our people to feel a sense of belonging, fulfillment, and purpose in the company. Therefore, we do our best to build a conducive and flexible work environment that fosters good friendships, fellowship, and enjoyment as well as emphasize on effective employer-employee communications.

Managing Workplace Health & Safety


Of paramount importance in our business activities is the health and safety of our people. YTL is committed to building and maintaining a safe workplace across all our entities by incorporating meticulous risk management exercises within our operational frameworks especially in higher risk industries, instilling a culture of Occupational Safety and Health (OSH) based upon global standards.