'TN50 must include green initiatives'


The Star, January 22, 2017


PETALING JAYA: For Azam Hisham, environmental issues are close to his heart and he intends to bring them up at the next Transformasi Nasional (TN50) dialogue session.
The 29-year-old said that in mapping out TN50, the Government needed to prioritise matters concerning environmental protection and sustainability.

Azam, who is one of the co-founders of the Biji-Biji Initiative, a sustainable products design company, said that awareness of environmental issues was still low among Malaysians.

“For as long as people are not concerned with environmental sustainability, then whatever legislations that are in place will not have much impact,” he said.

“It (environmental protection and sustainability) still doesn’t make sense to some segments of society.

“I find it distressing and sad that many are not aware the oldest rainforest in the world is in Taman Negara,” he added.

Azam said he would like to see more focus given to education and environmental sustainability in the TN50 roadmap.

On Thursday, Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak launched the policy during a town hall session at Universiti Malaya, which saw some 500 youths giving their views on what the country should be by 2050.

The TN50 policy is Malaysia’s roadmap for the next 33 years.

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