At YTL, we strive towards being a trust-based organisation that upholds and advocates the highest ethical, sustainable and responsible business practices by;

  • Delivering sustainable growth through effective risk management and compliance.
  • Building responsible supply chains and procurement processes.
  • Advocating responsible stewardship of resources, products and services.
  • Investing in sustainable solutions and innovations.
  • Providing a seamless customer experience to meet customers' needs sustainably.

Trust and integrity that we possess reflect on the quality of our products and world class standard services. The creation of economic value in our products and services that are derived from ethical practices and responsible business are core to the way we do business.

We believe that our commitment to ethical and responsible business practices will lead to business excellence and long-term success. In keeping with our core values and commitment, we have implemented various initiatives that have enabled us to monitor and manage business risks, to become more competitive, to accelerate sustainable growth in a manner that creates value for our shareholders and also allows us to seize new opportunities in the different industries.


Effective Risk Management and Compliance


Despite the challenging economic conditions, our achievements and strong financial profile are attributed to our commitment to adopting comprehensive risk assessment and management systems that are regularly evaluated and improved on in consideration of economic, environmental and social impacts.

Our robust governance structure, frameworks and policies help to maintain sound risk management systems to ensure significant risks are identified and adequately managed. Adhering to laws, regulations, guidelines and specifications relevant to the business units helps reduce business risks that occur either directly through fines or indirectly through impacts on reputation.

Supply Chain Sustainability and Responsible Procurement

YTL Group has an extensive number of suppliers, business partners and service providers across the globe. We fully recognise the importance of managing responsible and sustainable supply chains across all our businesses through the integration of sustainability elements into our supply chain management processes. As such, we place great emphasis on ensuring all our suppliers and business partners conduct their businesses ethically and responsibly to minimise potential risks as well as to reduce any environmental and social impacts as we seek to achieve long-term value creation.

We also committed to sourcing raw materials locally whenever possible to support local suppliers which creates employment opportunities, stimulates domestic economic growth and reduces transportation-related emissions.

Responsible Products and Services

We are still committed to delivering responsible products and services whilst minimising any negative safety, health and environmental impacts over entire product lifecycles. Through the combination of YTL Group's strategic sustainable investments and operations, with the concept of contributing to society, we meet the needs of the environment, communities and stakeholders in building shared value. Our aim as a company is to supply the highest quality products and to deliver world-class services at competitive prices that meet, and where possible, exceed our customers' expectations.

Customer Satisfaction

At YTL Group, we recognise that customer satisfaction is not merely a benchmark; it is the foundation of our sustainability journey. It is our aim to remain dedicated in meeting and exceeding the expectations of our valued customers. Our approach to customer retention involves managing customer engagement from the ground up to address the unique needs of diverse customer segments, hence ensuring we gain solid understanding of our customers' expectations.