YTL & Sustainability


The success of the company has been a truly remarkable story. Tan Sri Dato' Seri (Dr) Yeoh Tiong Lay founded the Yeoh Tiong Lay Construction Company in the small town of Kuala Selangor in 1955.

At the time, Malaya was under a State of Emergency, declared by the British colonial government to counter the threat of communist insurgents. The colonial rulers needed someone who could build much-needed army barracks and ammunition depots, and it was here that Yeoh's company began to make its fortune in construction and infrastructure.

Following Malaysia's independence in 1957, the Yeoh Tiong Lay Construction Company benefited from the new government policies and large-scale projects implemented to help the country grow and thrive, including the building of hospitals and educational centres. Over the following decades, the company rebranded itself as YTL Corporation Berhad and eventually listed on the Main Board of Bursa Malaysia Securities Berhad in 1985. A secondary listing on the Tokyo Stock Exchange followed 11 years later.

Today, the parent company and four listed subsidiaries with stakes in construction contracting, cement manufacturing, utilities, property development and investment, hotel development and management, e-commerce initiatives and internet-based education solutions and services.

A strong focus on sustainability has always been a cornerstone of the business ethics and success of the Group. In every area of business, we seek to create long-term value for all stakeholders and we are committed to producing world class products and services at competitive prices to a global market.

Our business is guided by the YTL Group corporate policies to ensure the development and evolution of a sustainable business. This is underpinned by the mantra of being able to Bring Positive Change as a Force for Good to others, and being committed as a Group to Making a Good Future Happen.

Sustainability Tagline

We are pleased to announce the launch of the new YTL Sustainability Tagline - "Making A Good Future Happen".

"Making a Good Future Happen" reflects our vision for what the YTL Group sustainability initiatives aim to achieve internally and externally across the four pillars of YTL's sustainability framework - Marketplace, Environment, People and Community. It captures the essence of our efforts to be "A Steward of Our Good Earth" for future generations, and also consolidates the many sustainability initiatives we have conducted throughout the Group over the last few decades. It is also a reminder that the journey towards a truly sustainable future continues for us and our stakeholders.