Advocacy Projects

Advocacy Projects

Climate Change Project

Climate Change Project is the advocacy arm of YTL, as part of the commitment and involvement for environment protection. Hosted by YTL since 2007, Climate Change Week is the flagship of the Climate Change Project designed specifically with the objective of raising environmental consciousness amongst Malaysians and inspiring them to be part of the solution to the threat of global warming and extreme weather.

Earth Hour Project

Many of us take the use of power for granted. And now our planet is paying the price, with climate change and global warming. YTL continues to show its support for Earth Hour, joining the global collaborative effort to send a powerful message of hope and action against climate change, in line with our commitment to environmental protection through sustainable development and energy efficiency in all YTL businesses. A variety of Earth Hour activities are carried out annually by YTL business units and employees to help protect and preserve the environment.

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