Corporate Statement


The YTL Group has established itself on a foundation of good business ethics, corporate governance, and respect for stakeholders in all our business dealings. YTL believes in sustainable progress and embeds our core values within our Group's growth and development. This corporate strategy is applicable to all YTL-owned entities, divisions, associated companies, and operating units, and thus acts as the guiding principles for responsible business and advocacy within the Group.

In 2018, we released a detailed Code of Conduct and Business Ethics which sets out acceptable practices and ethics that guide employees of YTL Group of Companies ("YTL Group"). The Anti-Bribery & Corruption (ABC) Policy has also been established to ensure that employees understand their responsibilities in compliance with the YTL Group's zero tolerance for bribery and corruption within the organisation.

Human Rights and Ethics

YTL is committed to a strong code of conduct, professionalism, and ethical integrity in all of our business dealings and operations. We ensure that basic human rights are upheld for our employees and all partnering stakeholders, and are in accordance with the Malaysia Employment Act and any local regulations and employment act, and include the following areas:

1. Child/Forced Labour Prevention

-Employment of minors (under the age of 14) is strictly prohibited as per regulations under the Children and Young Persons Act 1966 Malaysia. We value children as the leaders of tomorrow and reflect that through our various child education and empowerment initiatives.
-All employees are hired based on the principles of freely-chosen employment. No forced labour is imposed on any persons at any level of work within our business units.

2. Non-discrimination

-Employee hiring is conducted through a fair and transparent process strictly based on merit and suitability for the job. We do not discriminate against people based on race, religion, gender, social status, disabilities, etc., and are dedicated in maintaining a safe and harassment-free workplace.

3. Freedom of Expression

-Employees are granted the flexibility to express their opinions freely and safely through their line managers and via suitable platforms such as employee engagement surveys, the company intranet, and HR communication channels. Feedback and constructive criticism are treated with respect and confidentiality, and raised or cascaded to the relevant parties for follow up and action.
-We do not prevent our employees from being associated with any external bodies/entities, so long as it does not jeopardise the Company's reputation, represent a conflict of interest and/or hinder their performance at work.

4. Employment Rights

-The work-life balance of our employees is of paramount importance at YTL. We ensure employees are not subject to excessive nor unreasonable working hours (as per labour laws), and are provided sufficient benefits in order to sustain good health and their well-being.
-Employees' right to a minimum wage and fair compensation is ensured, and monthly remuneration is paid on time. We similarly recognise the employees' right to freedom of association and collective bargaining.
-Data privacy is upheld and personal information is kept strictly confidential and not released to any parties without the prior consent of our employees, customers, and external partners. Our privacy policy can be found here:

5. Business Ethics and Compliance

-YTL conducts all business transactions and negotiations with transparency, and the Group is strictly opposed to any form of bribery and corruption at any level. We implement a strict code regarding giving and receiving gifts and hospitality which may insinuate a conflict of interest.
-We provide the optimum level of service and products we can offer at all times, and approach our businesses with a spirit of fair trade and openness. We believe in healthy competition in the market and fully comply with all local regulations and legal requirements at all locations in our business dealings.


YTL is dedicated to providing quality products and services whilst minimising our impacts on the environment. We recognise the adverse impacts of environmental degradation and climate change, and strive to pursue purposeful measures in ensuring our businesses are genuinely sustainable and in compliance with legal environmental requirements. We contribute towards this cause through the following activities:

1. Reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.
2. Promoting energy efficiency and renewable energy.
3. Improving water efficiency.
4. Managing waste streams and ensuring responsible disposal or reuse.
5. Optimising resource efficiency.
6. Conserving terrestrial and marine biodiversity and ecosystems.

Health and Safety

Protecting the health, safety and welfare of our employees and all stakeholders affected by our operations, including contractors and customers remains an established and shared responsibility that is essential to our reputation as a leading and trusted employer. We achieve this through:

1.Strict compliance with health, safety and legal requirements for each respective industry.
2. Establishing health and safety processes which are enforced and communicated at all levels of the Company.
3.Providing the appropriate equipment to perform all work safely and reducing health and safety impacts through specific mitigation measures and action plans.
4.Maintaining a clean and safe environment at all work locations.
5.Keeping up to date with global health issues and trends and providing support to the relevant bodies to tackle resulting issues.
6.Ensuring a comprehensive security system and plan is in place at all work locations.

Commitment to Ethical Purchasing

In order to empower communities and reduce emissions, YTL is committed to engaging local suppliers and providing employment to locals at all locations where possible. Our procurement and sourcing teams are trained to identify suitable suppliers that adhere to our requirements through effective due diligence, and communicate our sustainability goals to them. We ensure our suppliers (and their respective sub-contractors/suppliers) practice responsible ethics and business dealings in the following areas:

1. Environment

-Fully comply with local environmental regulations in all business activities.
-Implement measures to optimise resources and minimise waste.
-Operations avoid the use of toxic and/or hazardous substances where possible, and ensure responsible use and disposal in cases where they are used.
-Clear commitment and framework to reduce GHG emissions, minimise pollution levels, energy and water consumption, as well as protection of biodiversity.
-Suppliers employ environmentally friendly technology and/or processes within their operations.

2. Health and Safety

-Fully comply with local health and safety regulations and provide full support to governing bodies.
-Identify health and safety impacts of products/services and formulate appropriate mitigation plans and standard operating procedures.
-Ensure safe working conditions for contractors/suppliers, and other stakeholders.

3. Social Rights and Ethics

-Fully comply with local regulations.
-Consider human rights in all production and procurement dealings (i.e. no workforce discrimination based on gender, ethnicity, etc., no use of forced or child labour, not subject to excessive and unreasonable working hours, adhere to stipulated minimum wage, freedom for workers to be members of trade unions and to engage in collective bargaining).
-The emotional, physical, and mental well-being of workers cared for through fair and healthy working environment in terms of opportunities, workload, remuneration, etc.
-Support locally produced raw materials, consumables, products and services, where possible.
-Educate and encourage suppliers, contractors and service providers to offer cost effective and sustainable products and services.